To make the transportation more convenient for spectators during the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 9 from 22 till 25 March, there will be organized special shuttle-buses from the city of Tyumen to the Winter Sports Center “Pearl of Siberia” and back. Two bus-stops where spectators will be departured are confirmed, there are “Tsentralniy” Sport Complex (Ordzhonikidze, 60/1 St) and Judo Olympic Complex “Tyumen - Judo” (Valerii Gnarovskoy, 1 St). The one-way ticket will cost – 100 rubles. Tickets may be bought right in the bus. The shuttle-schedule will be announced soon.

For those who will decide to go to the “Pearl of Siberia” by their own cars, those spectators can leave their cars on the free park-and-ride and then get to the stadium by a free bus.

Shuttle bus schedule for spectators of the BMW IBU world cup the Pearl of Siberia stadium 22-25 march 2018

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Departure from Tsentralniy Sport Complex

Departure from Judo Olympic Complex

Upper Parking Directions

Arrival and Departure to the stadium of Pearl of Siberia, IBU 2018

Stadium Layout BMW IBU World Cup 2018