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IBU Cup Biathlon Uvat 2018

On March 10 and 11, 2018, the 7th stage of the IBU Cup will be held in Uvat. Competitions will be held in the biathlon center named after A.I. Tikhonov. The IBU Cup (also the European Open Cup, before the 2007/2008 season was called the European Biathlon Cup) is a series of continental biathlon competitions, consists of eight stages. The stages take place on different tracks and, as a rule, include two or three disciplines.

The program of the Uvat stage includes individual and sprint races.
10 March, Saturday (local time)
12:00 Individual race, men
15:00 Individual race, women
11 March, Sunday (local time)
12:00 Sprint, men
15:00 Sprint, women

* all ceremonies are held immediately after the end of the competition

Entrance to the competition for spectators is free of charge

How to get to the stadium

Biathlon Center named after A.I. Tikhonov is located in the village of Uvat, 116 km from the city of Tobolsk, Tyumen Region. The nearest airports are Tyumen (380 km), Khanty-Mansiysk (310 km). The nearest railway station is Yunost-Komsomolskaya (28 km).
Uvat Biathlon Center was launched in 2000, after eight years it was given the name of an outstanding Soviet biathlete, four-time Olympic champion Alexander Ivanovich Tikhonov. The complex is licensed by the International Biathlon Union ""B"".
Many times the stadium held the all-country championships, the stages of the Cup of Russia, as well as international biathlon competitions for the Prize of the Governor of the Tyumen Region.
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